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When Your Warm Leads Turn Cold

Well, I’ve basically run out of warm leads and possibly even lost a few friends due to my insertion into the world of social media, which consists of cute puppies and proud mom moments. You can’t win them all but I will say in order to be successful you do have to put yourself out there.

Now my product isn’t a physical one. It’s credit repair. A very sensitive subject on a couple of fronts. One, people do not like to admit they have bad credit. There is some sort of stigma. I don’t blame them. There are jobs that actually pull your credit to see if you’re a possible risk or shitty human being. Apparently, there’s no excuse for screwing up your credit and instead of educating people, we shame them. Two, there are tons of people scamming! My previous blog post discusses Cash Apping hundreds of dollars to someone that promises to clean up your credit in 12 hours or less. The person takes off with the money and of course, your credit remains in shambles. People don’t know who to trust!

I have partnered with a company, which provides leads. We’ll see. I can’t make promises but my fingers are crossed. I’ve tried social media advertising but I must be doing something wrong because it feels like I’m dumping money into a black hole. Does anyone look at my ads?

I just read a blog post on how to create an ebook, and I thought...why not? I can throw in a little education piece and maybe that will add a little bit of cache! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted! Anyone else ready to weigh in on their experience with leads and how they did or did not overcome the issue? Comment below!


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