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How is FES different from your average MLM?

You've heard the term, MLM...(insert eerie music), multi-level marketing. This acronym has become a three letter word, heading towards four! I get it, the people who are driving pink Cadillacs working for Mary Kay fully support this model. Although if I'm honest, I don't really know any super successful, Mary Kay, Amway or Avon reps. I know people who have spent thousands trying to make it as a rep selling stick on nails, makeup, leggings and essential oils. I'm a HUGE proponent of all things mentioned but I just don't like the idea of having to spend a ton of money on product in order to get the business going. I got into the business of credit repair and team building with very little money. I have watched people I legitimately know change their lives financially. Can someone please tell me how any marketing and sales business doesn't rely on others purchasing your product, increasing volume and hiring more people as the company grows? I made a decision when Covid started. I'm retiring at 55. I can and will do this. What's stopping you from making the same commitment to yourself?

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