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How To Avoid Credit Scams

I’m beginning to realize why some people shy away from getting their credit fixed.


I had no idea there are so many people willing to take money for a service they never plan to fully commit to. What frustrates me even more is I’m running an above board business, which is done legally. Sure, you may not go from a 550 to a 700 within the hour of signing on with me, but you will get what you paid for as long as you trust the process. That means Rome wasn’t built in a day and your credit didn’t get destroyed in a day! I like to be transparent, and say at the least three months of service is required. In the scheme of things, three months is very little time compared to a lifetime of good credit.

Desperate people are handing over their socials and Cash Apping hundreds of dollars only to lose money and receive nothing. The best way to pay is through PayPal, your credit card, or Zelle. Those are all payment sources that can be disputed. We have come into an age where we want everything NOW! BUT…Slow and steady wins the race!

What I love about UCES is it’s a sexy, user friendly interface which shows you in real time what’s going on with your credit. Need to know what items were disputed today? Log on and check. Want to cancel? Cancel (at your own risk if you’re not waiting the proper amount of time). Want to add Credit My Rent (your on time payments are added to your credit report)? Go ahead! YOU’RE IN CONTROL! This process is so much different than handing someone 200 dollars via Venmo to fix you up!

Whatever your needs are! I’m here!



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