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Financial Freedom

I am 51 years-old and I'm planning to retire at 55. Yes, I'm putting it out there into the universe. I've been in education for over twenty years and this whole "pandemic thing" got me thinking about the next chapter in life.

As much as I missed my students, I admit to enjoying being home with my family. I taught online, I ate lunch with my husband, I took three classes and created a couple of side hustles.

I've discovered that I want more control of my time. We joined the RV club, by purchasing a 27 ft. Sonic Venture. I'm actually writing this blog post sitting outside at a beautiful campground,

enjoying the cool weather. I want to be able to take off and work from the travel trailer but I can't do that as a full-time educator.

Full circle, I'm retiring when I'm 55, I will be sound financially, which means making sure my credit is in the higher ranges. What's your plan for the future?


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