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Enough Already! 8 Reasons Why This Is Not A Pyramid Scheme and Why I'm Tired of Hearing It!

So just like you, I’ve always been against Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). I went to many a Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, and Avon party. I lived for Tupperware, so I don’t know why I was so against them. The truth is I never actually knew anyone who earned a pink Cadillac but someone had to, I saw them around town. No one ever really seemed to progress in these companies. Friends have sold jewelry and done well, thanks to well…other friends. I still never witnessed a person quitting their day job. Then there’s the cream of the crop of MLM’s…Amway. Someone must have done well because Betsy DeVos is a millionaire. Perhaps Amway is where the bad taste started?

For the last couple of years, friends and family have sold, Lip Sense, Herbalife, Young Living, Juice Plus, and Arbonne. All products that I actually LOVE! I like the fact that my buddies make a living selling products they believe in. I don’t think it’s wrong. This post from @hansodenis says it so well:

1. Why does it cost money to sign up? Because it's a business, not a job. Businesses cost money.

2. Are you trying to make money off me? No, I'm trying to make money WITH you.

3. Is it a scam? I don't do scams and I love that you think so highly of me to even ask such a question.

4. Is it one of those pyramid schemes? You mean where all the people at the top make all the money, take the long vacations, fly on private jets, and get all the stock options while the people on the bottom work the most for the least amount of money and get 2 weeks of vacation a year? No, that would be Corporate America.

5. How long before I get results? How long before you get your butt in gear?

6. I've tried it before, but I failed. Did you quit dating after the first time you had a bad date? Or did you keep dating until you found the right person?

7. My Uncle Bob said this won't work. Your Uncle Bob is also broke. And you will prove him wrong!

8. Can I try it for a month and see how I do? This is a business, not a job. Get a job if that's your mentality. How can you build a business in just a MONTH?

Social Networking has become a four-letter word and yet the idea of a Pyramid Scheme really damages the idea behind something really worthwhile, like fixing your credit. Friends have told me they’ve spent thousands on products they had to buy and sell. I don’t have merchandise but I do have the answer to changing your life for the better. A friend once told me, “Inventory is poison.” I don’t have inventory but I can help you manage your financial future and get back on track. I believe in what I do. I can’t sell you good credit but I can alter your lifestyle. Trust the process.

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