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Denied, Denied, Denied

After much consideration and months of living in lockdown we decided to pull the trigger and buy an RV. My husband, Philip and I have gone to RV shows for years and either didn't have the funds, or credit to purchase one. 

Our first initial thought was to rent an RV for our anniversary, especially since flying anywhere was out. Then, something snapped in my head. Now is the time to BUY an RV! I didn't have to ask twice! Philip was on it, watching YouTube videos, researching and comparing prices. We headed to Camping World! Picked out our rig, settled on a delivery date and high-fived.


No go.

Our credit was jacked! We refinanced our home a few months before but for whatever reason (thank you Equifax), there were TWO houses on our credit report. Taking our credit score down about 100 points due to debt to income ratio. And me? I was punished by Synchrony for not paying enough of my balance (during a Pandemic!!!), And they lowered the credit limits on a mere four credit cards. So now I “lost” credit and lost points. This is a game Equifax, Experian and TransUnion along with the banks seem to do at the worst times….like during a Pandemic!!! Where are the regulations for these companies? 

We drove camper. Welllll…we could have bought for a 27% interest rate and 7000 down but decided against it.

Clearly the camping world has not met the Culver's. When we want something, we go in 100%. We got a letter from the bank about only having one mortgage not two. I signed up with UCES (check my website for more information), to clean my credit up and BAM! I'm here in Myrtle Beach in my RV! We bought at Country Camping Corner, in Kings Mountain! A place that was willing to take the time and help. I appreciated that. 

RV’S are considered luxury items, like boats and jet skis. However, you should not be turned down or pay a ridiculous price because of bad credit! That's where I come in and can help! The same can be said for a house, car, apartment rental or job! Don't be sidelined because of a credit issue! 


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